Dear Parents,
How eager you are to put your child in the care of a place of learning which tends to your child’s need with love and tender care. Whoever we are we are parents first and the upbringing of our child makes us anxious. With education becoming prerogative in the life of every individual more and more schools are being established with promises to offer the best your child needs. But how many abide by the promises they make? Regency was conceived and established with the noble aim to endow pupils with the eagerness to learn in the best symbiotic way possible. Learning is an all-round growth.

Mr. M.F. Zaidi
A Man Who Converts Dreams into Reality

Take a look at what Regency offers. Regency believes that for the right education parents should be as interestedly involved as the teacher and student. It should be a hub of knowledge and skill. To make this happen the right infrastructure is provided. Complementing this is the empowered workforce, who imbibe knowledge in a true inspiring and enriching ambience.
Regency has foreseen the changes that would be happening in the world in the sphere of education, and the changes are a continuous process. Keeping this foremost, Regency has styled herself in a manner that changes happening every time may not upset the function. But the changes should be a welcome and easily absorbed in the daily curriculum. If you have to move with time and at times think ahead of time Regency is the place.