I welcome you whole heartedly to Regency. It is that sanctuary which will make you an individual of distinguished accomplishment with the help of innovative teaching, and value oriented education. Among all the renowned institutions, Regency too is concerned to prepare students for life. Life is becoming easier day by day on one hand. On the other, it is throwing challenges which need an accurate mind with the right knowledge and skill to take on them.

The new millennium has ushered new methods of teaching, of research, of learning, and of community services. And this prompts good institutes to engage an alert faculty who strives incessantly to arrive at new summits. Regency has from the beginning noted the imminent, and moved with time and students did not have to face the brunt of changing times.

This is what I can say precisely of an Institution which is forever toiling for the love it bears for teaching, learning, and serving the community. For an Institute which has stood her grounds on her own rights, and made it possible for all young minds who come to her, to achieve their imagination, this space is too small for me to hold to your views what Regency stands for and what she does for her pupils. Yet I propose this column and the text and visuals it holds to be the reflection of the great entity called Regency.

I say once again, that when you enter the portals of Regency you become a part of this great heritage. You have come here to grow and excel, and growth and excellence is what you shall achieve at Regency Public School, the pioneer and leader in the field of basic and higher education. Yes this is the place to start your formative years and strengthen and brighten the years to come.

Here's wishing you the best of luck with Regency.

Regency Public School, Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA