Guardians are requested to arrange transport for their children’s commute as far as possible.
Bus facility is available to a limited number of students.
If guardians want to discontinue the school transport facility after availing it for some time, they must either serve two months’ notice or pay transport charge for two months.
Transport charges are payable for all twelve months.
Parents will make their own transport arrangement in the event of transport breakdown until the vehicle is road ready.
The School buses will pick up students from certain specified points. Under no condition will they provide door to door services.
The School takes utmost care to ensure safety and security of students on transit. In the event of any accident, it will not be liable for any damages/charges on account of injuries, fatal or otherwise, which may be sustained by the student while utilizing school transport. All expenses that may be incurred in the treatment of such injuries will be borne by the Parents/Guardians.
Regency Public School, Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA