Regency Public School - Station Road
Regency Public School, a minority institution with its doors open to all without any distinction or disparity irrespective of any caste, sex or creed, equips young minds with a global outlook to strengthen them to face the challenges of tomorrow. It ensures that they are guided by a set of values and beliefs that best reflect the Indian ethos. Regency is geared to attain this goal through an all round personality development with emphasis on intellectual, social, physical and spiritual development.
The Management has initiated an innovative education methodology to help students nurture independent thinking, creativity and acquire balanced viewpoint. This is achieved through live sessions on communication, presentation, public speaking, mock interviews, group discussions and allied activities.
The School and Its Philosophy
Regency Public School - Raseora
Education, has always been the backbone of any civilization and educated masses are the basic ingredients for development and prosperity. It accounts for general awareness and social conscience which creates acceptable norms for individuals in society. This cohesive system thus leads to well-regulated patterns of human behavior and balances freedom and responsibility. The net product is a well educated and cultured citizen, who would enrich humanity and this purposeful endeavour culminated in the establishment of Regency Public School in the year 1996.
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