Syed Mohammad Rafi And Kaneez Begum

Founded in the memory of Mr. Syed Mohammad Rafi and his wife Mrs. Kaneez Begum, the Society strives to produce students with an east-west blend of modern value and skill driven education. Mr. Rafi was a visionary, seer, educationist, and philanthropist. He solicited the education of the girl child. He was pained by the darkness of ignorance and the aversion to learning among his people, and the people in general. With the education system in India going through a sea change under the British administrators, it was sad for him to observe the hostility of his
clan towards the progressive western education.

The majority of the Indians took to it enthusiastically in the aegis of the reformers, but his own people were averse and he was determined to obliterate this stigma. Though he did not live long to realize his dream it found shape in his diehard son, Mr. M. F. Zaidi who with his dynamism and optimism has been steering this great vehicle since its inception in 1996. The big entity today started as a primary school with a small but impressive number of 85 students in its roll. Since then there has been a steady movement uphill, leading to the Institute going up to Class XII. With the Inter College the Degree College too started rolling and today, Regency is not just a school. It is a group of Institutes with a Public School as a leading one not only in the district but even in the arena of Council run Schools it has made a permanent niche for itself. Besides there is the College for Management and Technology, apart from the Regency cluster the sister concern, Edmonton Public School, is also in its fold.

The Society with its President Mr. M.F. Zaidi has eminent educationists, scientists, engineers, doctors, industrialists and social workers. The enlightened members of the Society are forever alert and provide state of the art infra structure and professional faculty to achieve the best education.
Though an Islamic Society and Islamic in essence it reaches out to all in the same way with the same care and love. The fabric is secular and this makes it the right Institution for scholars to come into her guardianship. The social ambience is congenial and pleasant wherein growth is fostered in the most wholesome way.

The Society is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 along with the registration under Section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act. It is a non political, non profiting voluntary organization who, “teacheth man that which he knew not.”

Our vision is to take Regency to the status of a deemed university through quality and skill driven
education producing benevolent, capable, and success oriented students who will be dutiful, truthful, courageous, futuristic-human beings and nation builders.

The Society has the onerous task of making her vision come true and has set target on making Regency a deemed University. It already has a successful Public School, a Teachers Training College, and Institute of Management and Technology. More than one Institute is on the offing such as a College for Pharmacy, a Para Medical College, a Medical College and an Engineering College. The Society employs a contingent of forceful faculty who impart knowledge and skill with the aid of most modern technique and gadgets. With the faculty working whole heartedly through these Institutes of up to date learning the Society is duty bound to produce Industry ready, corporate ready, and world ready young global citizens.

Regency Public School, Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA